Our Story, A Fable

The story of Jagat Singh & Sons Agencies dates back to early 1900s, in the erstwhile Indian city of Rawalpindi (Islamabad, now in Pakistan).

Having to relocate during the partition in 1947, Sardar Jagat Singh moved to India from Pakistan, settling in Ambala Cantt. It was here that many of the company’s principles and ideals were first formulated by him, that are followed till date. Sardar Jagat Singh, very much the product of his parents, started a small family-run business. Being the driving force behind it he resurrected a business model with sheer hard work, dedication and commitment.

The lessons he learned from his parents resonate down to the character of Jagat Singh & Sons Agencies today and were the building blocks for Sardar Avtar Singh and Sardar Surinder Singh who carried the business to another level, bringing it to the biggest commercial sector of Chandigarh, Sector 17 in 1965. Successively Sardar Surinder Singh and Sardar Swarn Singh established Jagat Singh & Sons Agencies in Sector 22, Chandigarh.

Since then JSSA has been assisting its customers with supreme quality products and commendable service.